Past Agendas



Healthcare Innovators Pitch Competition, supported by Health Wildcatters

      • Cariloop
      • FlowMedTech
      • Noninvasix
      • MedZed
      • Socrates
      • Admetsys
      • EveryWell
      • Iris Plans
      • Agewell
      • Innovator Health
      • Pacient
      • Loren Medical Devices
      • teleCalm
      • VaultMR


Conference Topics 

      • The Present and Future of Digital Health
      • All Things Innovation: Telehealth, mHealth and Beyond
      • Big Data Analytics in Healthcare
      • Non Profit Health System Strategic Venture Capital
      • How Technology Can Heal America’s Largest Industry
      • The Playbook of the Future of Low-Acuity Medical Care
      • Quality, Patient Engagement and Related Opportunities in Healthcare Payment and Delivery
      • Managing Close Calls in Healthcare Acquisition Diligence and Documentation
      • Forecasting the Next Five Years
      • The U.S. Economic Outlook
      • Current Opportunities in Healthcare Real Estate
      • Areas of Interest in 2016 and Beyond
      • Top 10 Things the DOJ and OIG’s Bad List
      • Obamacare: Ebb or Flow in an Election Year Healthcare Policy Update





      • Keynote Address: Icebreaker Health
      • Bloodbuy
      • Praxify
      • Qspex
      • IBM Research
      • AmbreHealth
      • Investor Panel


Conference Topics

      • Energy to Create + Capacity to Execute
      • Forecasting the Next Five Years of Healthcare Investment
      • Medicaid Expansion
      • Healthcare Policy Update for Dealmakers
      • Dealmaking Across Provider and Payor Continuum
      • Hot Sector Focus: Solution Providers
      • Distressed Healthcare Services M&A
      • Healthcare Deal Debt and Equity Financing Trends
      • The Business of Healthcare Roundtable: The Future of Alternative Payment Models
      • The Impact of Health Reform on Valuations of Healthcare Provider Business Models



Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Services Workshop

      • Keynote Address: Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Services
      • Bloodbuy
      • CareCycle Management
      • Concentric Health
      • Kognito
      • Welltok Inc.
      • Investor Panel
      • Cambio Idea Lab


Conference Topics

      • Keynote Address: Connecting People and Their Health: Texas Health Resources’ Journey to Transforming Health and Wellbeing
      • The “Trendline” for Healthcare Provider CEO’s
      • A Retrospective on the Latest and Largest Hospital and Health System Deals
      • Legal and Compliance Risk Roundtable: Solving for the Top Deal-Related Issues on the Minds of Health Services General Counsels
      • The Economic Condition of the U.S. and Its Relation to Healthcare Reform
      • The Future of Healthcare: Trends and Predictions for 2014 and Beyond
      • Forecasting the Next Five Years of M&A Activity Across the Healthcare Ecosystem
      • Where the Activity Will Be for Healthcare Private Equity Investors
      • The Road Ahead for Post-Acute Care Providers
      • Healthcare Deal Debt and Equity Financing Trends
      • Innovative Joint Venture and Other Collaborative Models for Healthcare Services



Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Services Workshop

      • Keynote Address: Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Services
      • eLuminate Health
      • Nalari Health
      • Open Market Partners, Inc.
      • MEDgle, Inc.
      • Best Practices in Health System Innovation
      • Neuro Kinetics, Inc.
      • Innovation Fund Panel


Conference Topics

      • Keynote Address: The Transformation of an Industry
      • The Politics of Healthcare Innovation
      • New School Meets Old School: The Ever Evolving Landscape of Hospital and Health System M&A
      • Sector Update: Dealmaking Across the Provider and Payor Continuum
      • Where the Action Is for Healthcare Services Investors
      • Lunch Keynote: The Scope for More Optimism in 2013: What’s Ahead for the Economy and What We’ll be Watching
      • The New Valuation Frontier: Fair Market Value in New Payment and Delivery Models
      • Healthcare Deal Debt Equity Financing Trends

Afternoon Keynote

      • The Future of Healthcare: How Technology Will Transform America’s Largest Industry
      • The Mega-Deal Story: Baylor and Scott & White Merger
      • Yale-New Haven: A Case Study in Precise Execution of Merger Integration
      • CEO Mid-Year Wrap-Up: Opportunities and Challenges Ahead



Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Services Workshop

      • Keynote Address: Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Services
      • Presbyterian Healthcare Services
      • CareCycle Solutions
      • Whiteglove
      • Mobisante
      • HealthEquity
      • Columbia Healthcare Analytics
      • Instant Medical History


Conference Topics

    • Keynote Address: Unlocking the Future of Healthcare
    • Mega Deals of the Healthcare Reform Era
    • Perspectives on the Future of Physician Services
    • DC and Texas Healthcare Policy Updates
    • Lunch Keynote: What's Ahead for the Economy and What We're Watching
    • The Digital Healthcare Investment Thesis
    • The Relationship Between Compliance and Total Enterprise Value
    • Healthcare Deal Debt and Equity Financing Trends
    • Solving for the Hard Issues in Healthcare M&A
    • Spotlight on Hot Sub-Sectors
    • Planning for New Payment Models and Reimbursement Changes